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Racky Nova Set To Premiere ‘Maame Serwaa’ Music Video At Timberland Spot,13th May



King of Kofcity Music, is set to officially premiere the music video for his 2017 single ‘Maame Serwaa’ on CinePlus Tv and at Timberland spot on 13th,May 2017.

The C.E.O of Gelema music,Racky Nova who released ‘change ur style’ somewhere last year and was one of the most talked about songs on social media is premiering his new song titled ‘Maame Serwaa’.On 13th May,saturday,the video will be live on CinePlus at exactly 4:oopm.After that,Kofcity will also experience another premiere at the Timberland Spot starting from 8:00pm.

The exclusive video premiere will have the likes of Kofcity star Chuku Lion,Sean Khare,Talanku,Say Break,Oteniba,Splitees and many more.

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Enjoy a teaser of the video