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Kweysi Swat Ready To Imperial High Life Music In Ghana



Since 2003, during his high school days at the St. John’s Secondary School in Takoradi, young highlife artiste, Kweysi Swat, had always wanted an opportunity to exhibit his talent and skills in music.

And he was able to do that about a decade later with his debut, W’adom No. But it seems even after that “breakthrough”, Kweysi Swat is still battling to get attention on the music front.

This he says is as a result of poor management but the graduate of Koforidua Polytechnic has not given up and he is back to serious business and currently promoting his latest song, Wonni Nyame A Due.

“It hasn’t been easy for me at all, I must confess. I thought with my kind of talent, it will be easy to get attention but it has been a more difficult journey than I envisaged.
“ But I’m not giving up because I know that with what I have and hard work, I will eventually sail through,” he told Showbiz on Monday.

A highlife tune recorded by Willisbeatz, Wonni Nyame A Due is a piece about how friends turn out to be enemies and the need for people to be wary of those they relate to us friends.
He also sings about how God’s blessings upon one’s life brings an “evolution” in destiny.

It is interesting that as young as he is, Kweysi Swat employs the use of proverbs and very popular adages to narrate his story, one that he attributes to his rich knowledge of the Fante language.

One other interesting quality of Kweysi is his voice which sounds like that of Castro. When Showbiz asked if he is imitating the Sradinam artiste, this is what Kweysi Swat had to say.
“Not at all. This is what God also gave to me. It is quite unfortunate that I sound like Castro but I hope to work hard so I don’t walk in his shadows,” he stated.

Just like Castro, Kweysi Swat, real name, Francis Obeng, also grew up in Takoradi and attended St. Johns’ School in Sekondi where he discovered his talent.

Highlife music has been his trait and has been inspired by the likes of Obrafour, Nana Ampadu and Castro for his choice of lyrics and singing style.
Other songs he has to his credit are Kote Kakyer3 and D33d3w. He is currently promoting Wonni Nyame A Due.