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Cheap ladies have sex with producers for roles – Ellen White



Ghanaian eye-catching actress, Ellen White is among the likes of Lydia Forson, Yvonne Nelson, Nana Ama McBrown, Yvonne Okoro among others who doubles as actress and producers.

Flex newspaper in an exclusive interview with Ghanaian actress Ellen White concerning the rate at which some actress have sex with producers and directors for roles in our music industry, she said ‘’ladies who do that are cheap.

Speaking on sex scandal ladies go through, she said, ‘’people assess you the way you carry yourself. Nobody has proposed to me yet in the music industry and I don’t think anybody can all because of how I relate with them. Not to say I am the bossy type but I see everyone as a friend. Though when we meet on set is likely for the men to propose but everything depends on the lady whether to accept or reject. It’s an individual decision. Ladies who do that does that because it’s their character and not an act all ladies go through in the movie industry. If the person has that character, automatically she will take it everywhere she goes that doesn’t mean we are all like that. We don’t do that. I haven’t encountered any of these scandals.

‘’Ladies who open their legs for movie roles are cheap. They should stop because it is tarnishing their image. Stars don’t struggle to shine so if you struggle to become a star, definitely you will fall. It won’t help them in anyway’’ she told flex newspaper.

When asked about her toughest time in the industry, she said ’’So far I haven’t gone through tough times yet but I think the backbiting in the industry is too much. Normally they say am not friendly but that is not who I am, when you get close to me you will know the kind of person I am. Ellen White is the reserve type and not an extrovert. I open up to everyone who comes to me’’.

She added, ‘’I have never done anything in the movie industry that I have regretted and I will never go through such things especially giving myself out to the producers and directors for a role’’.

Ellen White premiered her fifth produced movie, ‘The List’ at the West Hills Mall last week Friday, 5th May.

When asked how much she spent on production, she said ‘’I paid all the actors and actresses who played a role in the movie. I really spent much on this movie but I can’t disclose the amount used’’.

My production has been there for five years now. I have produced four movies so far and the new one is my fifth movie. I have produced: Meyefo, revelation, fault, medofo pa and now ‘the list’ she told flex newspaper.