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High Rate of Unemployment Affecting Music Industry – Ackah Blay



Seasoned Ghanaian Guitarist, Ackah Blay has opined that most of the musicians in Ghana currently are into music to make ends meet and not because they have a passion for the industry.

According to him, some of the musicians in Ghana currently were once unemployed youth who see the industry as a stepping stone to higher heights.

The ‘Take away’ singer told Adom Entertainment News that the ‘frustrated’ persons who enter into music to make ends meet end up producing not too quality songs due to their little knowledge about the industry.

“When they complete school and they find it difficult to be gainfully employed, they decide to venture into music. All they do is to just enter a studio and end up coming out with sub-standard compositions,” he said.

The solution to producing songs with quality lyrics, the former Western Diamonds Band member said lies partly with the inculcation of music into the curriculum of schools in the country as is done elsewhere.

This suggestion when implemented, Ackah Blay added will help imbibe the art of creating good contents for the music industry into the younger generation.