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Talanku Accuses Racky Nova Of Stealing His “Maame Serwaa” Song



Music plagiarism or stealing of musical works is not new to the Ghanaian music industry and so long as the industry continues to expand,accusations of artistes stealing songs or beats will also persist.

Over the years, some of Ghana’s multiple award-winning musicians have been accused by mostly upcoming artistes of this practice.(Fo you have Guru in mind? )

Anyway,King of Kofcity music(KOKM) Racky Nova has just added his name to the long list of popular Ghanaian artistes accused of stealing songs.The “m3ba” crooner has been accused of stealing a concept and a song tittled “Maame Serwaa” belonging to Kofcity’s finest high life art Talanku.

According to Talanku,he called Racky Nova to feature him on a song tittled “Maame Serwaa” so it came to him as a surprise when he heard Racky Nova promoting the song “Maame Serwaa”


Talanku who was angry about the situation took to his Facebook page,thus,

“Racky Nova you know why I’ve been quiet for a longtime after that s**t you did, it’s because I can’t stop thinking why you did that.I thought we were cool but not knowing you are a ‘snake under grass’.You alone won chop abi? I swear you will regret stealing my song “Maame Serwaa”,this is what Talanku posted on Facebook.

Now the big question Is,Is this the reason why Talanku snubs Racky Nova during his “Maame Serwaa” video premiere show ?

Let’s keep the answer for another day