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Ebony & Takoradi Technical University Students Clash; Here’s What Really Happened



All did not end well when female musician Ebony was billed to perform at Takoradi Technical University on Saturday, May 20.
The artiste according to reports failed to perform at the concert when she travelled from Accra to Takoradi to perform at the TTU-GNUPS Excellence Awards.

Publicist for the singer has told what happened when he travelled to the tertiary institution with his artiste Ebony.

“Whenever a promoter of an event decides to book an artiste for an event, there is an agreement which is signed. All parties involved need to make sure they perform their duty to ensure its success and create a healthy relationship.Bullet of Ruff & Smooth (CEO Ruff Town Records) as well as Allen Kofi Anti (Brands Manager) and EduCenter signed an agreement for Ebony to perform at the Takoradi Technical University GNUTS Awards Night which was to be held on 20th of May, 2017. The organizers in the contract were supposed to fulfil their duty as at 19th of May but pleaded with Ebony and her team to come to Takoradi with the assurance that everything will be sorted out before the performance takes place.

Ruff Town Records publicist Kofi Anderson (Xerda) and a rep from the team arrived at 4pm to ensure everything was set for the event. The rest RuffTown & AVO team followed up with Ebony as the organizers had promised to settle the rest of the agreement. As at 10pm, they still had not fulfilled their part of the contractual agreement. 2 extra hours was given as an opportunity to make things right. Unfortunately they wanted to play smart and in the end, the team decided to leave since the level of disrespect was bad. A risk was taken by leaving Takoradi at 12am just to arrive at Accra by 4am. She went to her residence and not a birthday party as some people are insinuating.

Ebony never had any contact with the students of the Takoradi Techinical University as the lodge was quite a distance from the campus. The female dancehall act was ever ready to perform at the Takoradi Technical University Awards Night GNUTS but circumstances didn’t allow it.