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Although she has been racking her brains for sometime now to come to terms why anyone would hate her, Kumawood actress, Benedicta Gafa believes there are people out there who just want her downfall.

“I posted a picture of myself in bikini on my Facebook wall only for the same picture to be photo shopped making me appear naked. I mean how?

“I have also heard comments that I am a prostitute and others saying I want to do porn movies, and I cannot understand why people would say such things about me.

“But none of these bother me because I know my heart is clean” she told Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday.

According to the pretty actress, she wonders why anyone would want her downfall because she is very reserved and has few friends.

“I don’t know what I have done to anyone to warrant such hatred to the extent that my bikini picture could be altered so it will look like I posted a naked picture of myself” the Azonto Ghost star added.

Also, according to her, she hardly comments on social media or grants interviews, yet she has been misquoted on several ocassions.

“I was shocked when I read online that I said my boyfriend dumped me, because I never said so. I also read elsewhere I said Bisa Kdei’s Mansa video made me popular, which is also not true.  I think someone just wants my downfall” she said.

In all these, Benedicta says she is still making it big because she works hard and prays a lot to God for making her who she is today.

“If I have been able to shoot over 50 movies in five years, I think it is appropriate to thank God for His blessings. I don’t have time for haters because I serve a living God” she said

However, Benedicta who has starred in movies such as  Mirror Girl, Menua, Most Wanted Girl, The Promise, Sika Akwantuo, April Fool and No Pain no Gain, said she is now very careful about what she says and the kind of pictures she puts on social media.

Moving away from people seeking her downfall to her love life, Benedicta said she is engaged to a level-headed handsome man whom she intends to settle down soon with.

“I am convinced he is the right person for me to settle down with because he makes me happy all the time.

“ You see, it is not easy to tell who the right guy is because men have different motives for dating women, but I believe my man has given me all the reasons to trust him as well as to prove that he is the right man for me” she added.

Benedicta has produced two movies Afia Yakubu and Odo Asa under her Dicta Bee Productions.

And her Gafa Foundation has been operating for the past three years and has been supporting orphanages.

By:Daakye Hene Papabi