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Stonebwoy Appeals More To International Community Than Shatta Wale



Ghanaian fashion designer and former BBA housemate Elikem Kumordzi ‘the Tailor’ has criticized Shatta Wale over his recent Twitter comments after his rival and colleague musician Stonebwoy was nominated for the BET Awards.

Shatta Wale took to twitter to ‘mock’ Stonebwoy as he attempted to express his lack of interest in the international awards.

He posted on Twitter:

“My B. E.C.E certificate sef ano know where edeh..Then we deh come worry about BET…#Money deh call me for my brain….”

However, Elikem Kumordzie who made an appearance on the award-winning Celebrity Fanzone last Saturday did not take kindly to Shatta Wale’s approach arguing that Shatta Wale would have appreciated it if he had been nominated for the award.

“You can’t say, “I don’t know where my BECE Certificate sef dey”….act l…are you telling me he wouldn’t have appreciated if he got a nomination and a BET is a big deal,”” he stated.

Elikem also insisted that Stonebwoy appeals more to the international community than Shatta Wale; a remark which will be highly contested by many in the Shatta Movement.

“First of all, to be recognized internationally, you need to be recognized at home. Not to say we are not recognizing Shatta Wale but the whole controversy surrounding why he is not even nominated even for the Ghana music awards could go a long way to affect his international nominations.”

“Number two, Stonebwoy sort of appeals more to the international crowd more than Shatta Wale, so most of Shatta Wale’s song are in the local language and he appeals to the masses at large and we love him…but Stonebwoy does a lot of English mixes… and he is going outside the borders to shoot videos and it also gives you international recognition,” Elikem argued.