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Asonaba Kwadwo Nomafo To Embark On Anti Galamsey Crusade



Asonaba Kwadwo Nomafo Duku, a refined broadcast journalist of Agoo FM, a subsidiary of Excellence In Broadcasting Network (EIB) who just released an exhilarating hit song to support government’s call against “Galamsey”, in support of efforts by Media Coalition Against Galamsey and all stakeholders/citizens of the nation advocating against illegal mining popularly known as “Galamsey”.

The song titled “Galamsey” according to him will help encourage youth and business institutions that are engaging in such activities to desist from the process.

Speaking to Agoo Showbiz yesterday with OKE said he will be embarking on a national Anti Galamsey crusade to deepen his commitment to fighting against corruption adding that he will be visiting the Galamsey affected areas to talk to the Galamseyers

Asonaba called on the government to help the Galamseyers to emancipate their minds from Galamsey as their only source of income.

You can call him on 0543719867