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Kofi Blaq Cautions Up And Coming Artistes To Charge Event Organizers



“An event organizer plans for an event draws a budget, he pays for the venue, the sound system, advertisement and leaves out the upcoming artist.

Meanwhile,these acts keeps the program alive from the start till the mainstream acts shows up when the program is about to end.

You don’t pay the upcoming act with the notion you giving them the exposure. What kind of exposure are you talking about? The few minutes the act spends on stage doesn’t give him an exposure. In fact, the attendants even forget such a person was at the show before it ends.
How would you feel when someone refuse to pay you and tells you I’m giving you the exposure after contacting you to organize a program for him/her? It just doesn’t make sense. Respect yourself and respect the upcoming acts.

Do you know the cost involved in pre-production, production and post-production of a single? My upcoming acts charge every event organizer who wants to put you on his/her program unless you choose to do it for free that’s your choice”, Kofi Blaq advises up and coming artistes in Ghana