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We Don’t Need a New Theatre In Takoradi-Asaasewura Santana Writes To President Nana Addo



Seasoned Drive Time and Entertainment Award winning Presenter with Kyzz Fm In Takoradi Has Written a Letter to the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo, Read Details of The Letter :

“Takoradi Doesn’t Need A New Theatre, Reconstruct The Collapsing Center For National Culture(CNC)”

Mr President, I wish to Officially Congratulate You on your Election as the President of the Republic of Ghana, since its My first time Writing to your honourable office as the First Gentleman of our MotherLand, after your Resounding Victory in the 2016 Elections and also to Commend you on your bold steps to restore hope Back to the People of this Country.

I write In the Capacity as an Award Winning Entertainment Radio Personality In the Western Region and a Major Voice For The Showbiz Fraternity in the Region and Takoradi at Large, Over Your Intentions to Build a Modern Seater Theatre In The Region.

In as much as we appreciate Your Promise to help revive events hub Problem in the Region with a Befitting Theatre, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that a construction of a New Theatre in the Region will not just be a waste of Tax Payers Money, Time and Resources but a huge financial loose to our Motherland and the Already Crippled Economy.

It Sudden me to oppose such a Venture while I joined the wind for change for, but it will be for the good of the Region and Ghana as a Country, I believe your Campaign promise on the theatre lacked detailed report on the Takoradi Center For National Culture already in place and needed a technical advice especially the Takoradi Theatre Promise included in the 8 other regions, since it could’ve saved you a Promise awaiting fulfilment.

The Center For National Culture in Takoradi According to My Research is bigger than the National Theatre in Accra in terms of Audience Capacity, with Over 3000 Capacity According to the Director of the Center Reverend Ebow Kesse, but Sad enough standing as a white elephant as I write to You.

I think it will be a huge financial loose to Ghana, if we do not reconstruct the already rotten Theatre to a Modern state but invest in another Modern Seater Theatre in the same region which to us will make little sense, we will forgive your goofed campaign Promise and blame stakeholders in the region but urge you to reinstate the Takoradi CNC For the Region.

In My Radio Interview with Mrs Catherine Afeku, Minister for Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture after her appointment, she affirmed your commitment to fulfil the theatre promise, and Takoradi will be the first to witness the ‘Modern Seater Theatre’ What Bothers me is, was your Minister not Aware of the CNC already in Place? And its Capacity before affirming to another Theatre?

I ask this Question because Madam Catherine is From the same region and should have known better and the way forward to reconstruct CNC rather than pushing another theatre Promise.

The Deplorable State of such a huge edifice, which was begun under Ghana’s First President Osargyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah is a pity and yet to see a Completion. The Road Network Linking the Fijai Junction to the Efiankwanta Hospital, the road stretch housing the Theatre is Nothing to write home about with major potholes, since its construction has taken years without any good news, until recently work begun speeding after the change.

My Entry Into the Theatre gave me a shock of my Life, with the cracks in the building both in the auditorium and the offices a near disaster of a Collapse will not be a news to me, since the Building is a ‘Death Trap’ in waiting

According to source, no work has been done on the Edifice for the Past Nine Years, With its painting already fading away and rains making its comfortable way into the building.

The stage and chairs as well are dressings rooms are in a poor condition, making the whole place a Disgrace to the Region.

I wish to Notify your honourable office on such an asset left to rot and urge you to think of a reconstruction rather than a new theatre.

This is a grave concern and we wish you bring your expertise to bear in resolving this concern to restore the property for our National Benefit.

Long Live Ghana
Long Live Mr President
Long Live Western Region.

Yours Citizenry,
Gilbert Anaane Roland
(Asaasewura Santana)
Kyzz FM Takoradi