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Ghana Music Is Dead-Says Abrekyirieba Kofi Sammy



Legendary high life star,Abrekyirieba Kofi Sammy has said that, Ghanaian music has lost its relevance.

According to the high life legend, High life is an original genre Ghanaians artistes can boast of and urged them to return to it.

“Ghana music is DEAD,the only way we can resuscitate music in Ghana is to go back to the origin. We started with High life…. I personally invested and I fell in love with High life…. suddenly the whole thing changed, we move to crank, from crank to dancehall, from dancehall to what… so what happened to our high life? Where did you bury it, I want to exonerate it, I want us to look at that.”

He therefore expressed his displeasure on why Ghanaians artistes always using profane and bad lyrics in their songs

Abrekyirieba Kofi Sammy again added that, the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) which is the Collective Management for musicians in Ghana are also not doing their work.

“They are responsible for collecting and distributing royalties and levies to musicians for the use of their intellectual property by the public but till date I haven’t receive anything from them”,Abrekyirieba Kofi Sammy intimidated.

He disclosed this in an interview on Pimpinaaa Entertainment show,with Londona on Kingdom 101.9FM–Koforidua.

Pimpinaaa Entertainment Show airs every Saturday between 1pm and 4pm and can be listened to on tune in,produced by Dj Bosh de selector.