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I Was Only Using Bisa Kdei To Revive My Dead Career – Becca



Little did we know Becca and Bisa Kdei are no more dating and we are a bit surprised by this confession made by the Beshiwo singer.

She said in an interview somewhere last weekend that, Bisa Kdei is a small boy for her to date or make love to.

However, for some reasons, we do believe the two dated and broke up along the line. This type of dating is usually common between celebrities.

When asked if what happened between her and Bisa Kdei was a stunt to promote her “Hwe” song, Becca confirmed and said —- I only got closer to Bisa Kdei because he is hot and i needed someone like him on my song to push it because i wasnt really paid attention to, so that’s how we got to be that close and nothing more. He is actually a nice person.

Becca has begun educating students on “Menstrual Hygiene while Bisa Kdei is also in Kenya for the Coke studio Africa.