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Justice For The Late Captain Maxwell Mahama



So how did we get here as a people? We only wait for things to happen before we start ranting to show our displeasure about situations and it takes us a maximum of two weeks to “move on” and jump unto the next topic…

From January this year until today the hashtags have been #SayNoToSuicide #PrayForKumaca #DeltaForce #AccraVrsKumasi #SayNoToGalamasey #StopGalamsey #SaveThemNow and now #JusticeForMahama

It only takes two weeks until we forget about situations that confront us as people and never come to a point of looking for solutions to address these problems. We never get to know what were the causes, how things happen and the way forward and no one is held accountable for anything.

Instant justice or mob justice has been a part of the Ghanaian society but since time past we’ve not curbed this menace and today we pay the price of losing a statesman, a brother, a son, a father and a husband in the person of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama.

We have lost trust in our institutions especially the security agencies that is why such atrocities befall us.
I hope we overcome this as a people so next time instead of the blame game and the talk shop, we must endeavor to do what is right and befitting as citizens and not spectators

We should attach a level of importance to national issues and get things done.
I believe the best way we can take responsibility for the Captain’s death is not to forget the fate that met the innocent Captain but attack the situation from its roots and come to conclusion on this matter.
My heart goes out to the spouse and children.


Written by Stephanie Ofosu Armaah

Facebook: @HelloGhanaOfficial