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Daybreak apologizes for postponing the release of his new single “Friday Nyte”



Why we all anticipating and waiting for Kofcity’s finest Afro Pop star Daybreak to release his new single “Friday_Nyte”, he has come out to tell us the single is not going to drop today with an excuse of trying to make things better and weightier for us.

According to Daybreak,he said he’s still putting things together with his team to give a quality sound that will please our hearing.

However,Daybreak has never kept us under the rain before and I believe he has got reasons for doing it lately, I just believe the the “Friday Nyte” single is going to worth the wait.

Daybreak makes no crappy music, he makes a tune the soul ponders on for so long and spices up tracks when featured.

Daybreak earlier apologized for postponing the release of this greatness coming too and promised to fix things for his fans and supporters.

He also promised us a track featuring Ghana’s RapLord Flowking Stone while we wait for the single and he made this update on Facebook.
See his Facebook post below