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They Say It Is a Deliberate Attempt By Sarkodie to Make mockery Of Them.

Citizens of the Krobo area are fuming over what they call ”A deliberate attempt” by music rapper, Michael Owusu Addo (a.k.a Sarkodie) to denigrate the image of Krobo and Krobo women over a latest song in which he featured in.

The song, which is entiltled ”Jennifer Lomotey” was sang by one Kurl Songx and
featured Sarkodie. In the song, Sarkodie made mention of one Jennifer Lomotey whom Sarkodie said she is a Krobo. Sarkodie said this Krobo lady was able to ride him well in bed because Okomfo Anokye has cursed her with ”Adwaman” (promiscuity).

Citizens of the Krobo area said the words chosen by the rapper is a ”deliberate” and ”calculated” attempt to denigrate and assasinate the public image of the Krobo woman and to make mockery of them.

They also said they are at a loss how Sarkodie could stoop so low to commercialize a sensitive and a fabricate lie, a stereotype and a myth to make financial gains and profit at the expense of a whole tribe.

The Women Organizer of Kloma Hengme, The Krobo advocacy and Heritage Association, Esther Maseyo Azu, said ”We expect an artiste of such international stature like Sarkodie to know better and not to play games with such sensitive issues.

Esther Azu, an educationist and a professional counsellor, further said, ” Every tribe may have a myth, but his attempt to commercialize the so-called myth at our expense to make financial gains and profit for himself is where we have the problem. This deliberate. This is calculated. This is unacceptable in this 21st century”.

She further added: ”We want Sarkodie and his team to know that they will regret for making mockery of us. We have lined up a number of actions to deal ruthlessly with them. We are adopting a number of measures to seek redress”.

By:Daakye Hene Papabi