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Bullet of Ruff N Smooth fame ‘fights’ Shegah over Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’ song



Ebony’s new smashing banger ‘sponsor’ is doing well after a month of its release.

The song which talks about young women who have relationships with older men not because they love being in that picture but just because they need to survive has got section of the public asking so many questions.

It almost turned murky on social media between Bullet of Ruff N Smooth fame who is the manager of female dancehall artiste, Ebony and Godmother Shegah over the latter claimimg Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’ song is not a dancehall song.

According to Godmother Shegah, Ebony’s ‘sponsor’ song cannot be categorised under dancehall song since it has other genre.

“Truth be told Ebony Reigns song “Sponsor”Is not 100{c151fd8a147ddff852f5795900bc3f49fb6f3f3def38a8fe7b2489f983e107b3} dancehall, but she killed it with good rhythm and delivery. She was doing her own thing and it was on point,” Shegah posted on facebook.

Shegah’s post did not sit down well with Ebony’s manager who reacted to the former’s comment that Jamaicans dismiss some African musicians claiming to do dancehall.

According to Bullet ‘Afrobeat’ is doing better in Ghana than dancehall in the world. He said self acclaimed dancehall artistes in Ghana are all fake.

“Every artist want a hit song whether rock, hip hop, soul, hilife or reggae. These Jamaicans laugh at African musicians claiming to do dancehall because what y’all doing is not even dancehall. Why are you people claiming dancehall when even afro beat is even getting bigger than dancehall in the world. You are all fake because dancehall is not Ghanaian. From Shatta to Stonebwoy to Jupiter tell me which one of them have made a major hit with typical dancehall song? They all dilute it with our Ghanaian riddim to make it their own. Shegah if so then I no hear any dancehall song from you yet because what you are doing is not also dancehall, so Godmother just show the new kids a big example by making a big big hit with a typical dancehall song so that they will follow,” Bullet told Shegah.

Godmother Shegah replied Ebony’s manager, “Bullet I don’t need to show any kid nothing. If you claim we all do afro dancehall then our music awards should specify that category as Afro dancehall. For me most artists in Jamaica have listened to my chunes and they didn’t laugh at me, rather they say I’m unique and my lyrics are on point. I don’t need to sing exactly like them. Secondly we are all in this country and we know people who made hits upon hits but where are they with their hits?.I have come a long way and I’m still relevant. I do timeless songs and even my first hit song I wrote for Tripple M “KOTI” is still playing on the air waves. So I’ve been there before wai.”

The troll on social media from the two artistes got unpleasant when, Bullet questioned Shegah if her ‘Koti’ song is a dancehall.

Shegah replied, “It is not but I’m just saying when it comes to making hits I’ve paid my dues in this industry too. By the way read my post well I don’t think I attacked Ebony, because you sounding like you have issues with me.”

Bullet who was not pleased with Shegah’s answer told the female dancehall act to criticise other artistes songs including hers once she has been able to do same for Ebony.

“Ah Shegah paa why will I have an issue with you, I respect you and your works 100 percent. I never said you attacked Ebony, just also letting you know that all these Gh dancehall hits are not typical dancehall… is not only Ebony’ s song which is not typical dancehall, if you have been able to judge Ebony’s song then you should judge all the other Gh artist songs and also your own song. We’re all learning and nothing personal and I never said you can’t make a hit or don’t have a hit, who am I to say that? All am saying is all the big hits dancehall songs in Ghana is not typical dancehall including your own hits too,” Bullet added.

The “Let’s Go” crooner in December, 2016 signed a million dollar record deal with a newly established entertainment record label called Magic Records.

Shegah re-branded from Shegeh Styla from the defunct popular female group Triple M. She was the leader of the first all-female Hip Life group Triple M which churned out hit songs like Girls Girls and Koti.