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Kojo Siego Ready To Stage Kofcity High Skull Fest On 17th June .



Kofcity’s vibrant dancehall artiste Kojo Siego, has landed himself a performance at the annual “Kofcity High Skull Fest” in Koforidua,come 17th June this year.

In an exclusive interview,Kojo Seigo expressed excitement about his upcoming performance, describing it as an opportunity to get known to some people in the region,get more fans and interact with his fan.

Kojo Siego would be partnered by Kofcity acts like Chuku Lion,Silence,Dyce,Racky Noca and perform along with the headline artiste,Article Wan.

Kofcity High Skull Fest is organised by Nino Promo Entertainment.

Venue:Bula Spot
Rate: 10gh