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Does Kweysi Swat Bring Back Castro Memories



When the name “Kweysi Swat” is mentioned many may wonder who he is. He is one underrated Highlife Singer who is finally taking the Industry by storm with series of mind boggling songs like “Wonni Nyame a Due” which was produced by Willisbeatz, “Otan Hun” engineered by Beatmonsta which he featured Rudebwoy Ranking and “Adadantoma” which currently is the most aired song in Kumasi,Sunyani and other parts of the country.

Kweysi Swat, whose voice is likened to Castro and his lyrics likened to Obrafour grew up in Takoradi just like Castro Unda Fire. His fluency and his employment of Deep Twi proverbs in his songs “Wonni Nyame a Due” and “Adadantoma” made us wonder if he’s really from Takoradi like reports suggest. This is what he told us when we caught up with him:

“I was born to Ashanti parents but my family moved to the West so I lived the better part of my life in Takoradi since I was five(5) years old. I had my Basic and Junior High education as well as my Senior High all in Sekondi/Takoradi. I speak both Fante and Twi fluently after mastering the latter in my days at Kumasi where I had my Polytechnic Eduaction”.

Apart from Kweysi Swat’s powerful sweet and audible voice is his Deep Lyrical excellence devoid of ill words which we here think a special attention ought to be paid to. Most of his songs gets you soaked in your thoughts with every line in each verse. A complete story teller and a modern songwriter of our time and he’s shown it in all his songs so we asked him what inspires his concepts, choice of lyrics and also his track titles which are always mouthful and this is what he had to say;

“Okay I’m a good listener, a little gift of wisdom plus I’m very observant and the rest I think goes down to my talent in poetry that is when it comes to writing of conceptualized compositions. I have never lasted 15 minutes writing any of my songs even finding a good title to conceptualize takes me longer minutes than writing. I go for those strange, lengthy titles because it makes me feel unique and not walking in anyone’s shadow. I basically write my songs around the title I’m blessed with so all my title puzzles are solved after listening to my song.

We asked him “Are you the best Songwriter in Ghana now” and he boldly said “I can be celebrated if I keep on learning and not having my eye set on any accolade or title. The dream is to be celebrated after my career. Nana Ampadu, Obrafour, Paa Bobo, Asa(Nigerian Pop Singer) and McAbraham are artistes that inspire me. In the next five years I see myself on top of the Ladder”.

Asked what he does at his free hours, he said, “I play FiFa Soccer games when I’m not working. I can be a good comedian looking at where I grew up where everybody is jovial and easy going. And lest I forget I will make Highlife reign again in Ghana and in Africa and beyond”.

The name Kweysi Swat is here to Stay so anytime you hear the name just embrace yourself to super lyrical Highlife Gem about to dominate the industry in the coming years..