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Throwback Thursday With High Life Legend Sir Alibaba Foster



Born on May 21, 1950, in Asawase, Kumasi. He was brought to Biriwa in the Central Region close to Cape Coast by his mother. Started class 1 to Form 4 but couldn’t further to the Secondary School because there was no money at home. He is Alibaba Foster also known as Sir Alibaba Foster, now a Reverend Minister of God

Sir Alibaba Foster learnt carpentry and tailoring after Form 4 and was employed at Biriwa Development Project manned by the whites with the aim of saving some money to further his education at Takoradi Polytechnic but his savings couldn’t suffice

He came to GTP, Tema to work in 1989 and into tailoring at Tema New Town. Later joined a band called Obrempong Band at Mamponteng in Kumasi in 1979 but has been a choirister at a Methodist Church which he joined when he was 6 years because of his voice

In 1980, he joined the Kwasi Ampofo Agyei’s Band. He played with the band till 1987, 7 years. After 2 years, by the Grace of God, released his first album ‘Nkwa Ne Hia’. Released his second album ‘Emba Sa Da’ which has the hit song ‘Shock’. Following that was his third album ‘Anigyina’. Has 14 albums to his credit with the 15th yet to be released this year with the title ‘Akyedie Bone’. The song is to counsel people to be patient in life for God’s help else they will receive and evil gifts from the devil in their quest to make quick money

Sir Alibaba Foster’s father was a Busanga man from Bawku in the Northern Region and his mother, a Fante. Because of fetish practice prevailing where his father came from, he also ventured into occultism. The woman he married was from the underworld and his girlfriend, a daughter of a mermaid

His father died when he turned 4. He got to know his father was into fetish practice after his death. His father’s spirit used to speak with him through the woman he got married to from the underworld. He had walked with 4 dwarfs and there’s no god (bosom) in Ghana he hasn’t consulted for 10 years from 1991

I could vanish from one place to another place to play a band and the god’s and evil spirits that accompany me are more than the ones in the town. I could stop the rains from falling. I can take in alcohol and the one standing by will get drunk.

Alibaba Foster has lots of children. 13 in all and if backstars are unwilling to play, he can organise them to represent Ghana. The first Six (6) of his children were with different women.

In 1997, it dawned on him that he is on a fast lane to destruction. That was when he threw every fetish practice and idol away and started going to church where he had his calling as a Reverend Minister of God. Currently the head pastor at Perfect Christian Church in Agona Swedru.

Fortunately and or unfortunately, in 2000 his wife left him because he doesn’t want a pastor for a husband.

Reverend Alibaba Foster believes that lots of people don’t have a patient heart and spirit in life so they resort to other mediums including most pastors, gospel musicians and these small small hiplife rappers. Majority of them

Charity, he quotes, begins at home. His advice to musicians is that, they should say and censor their words in their songs so that in the future they won’t be ashamed listening to a playback of their songs.

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