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Fans Of Sarkodie Replies Kwame Dadzie And His People Over Jennifer Lomotey Allegations



Last weekend, I woke up to see your campaign #SarkMustApologise.

Which was supported by others, some of us also laughed over it because we thought that it was one of the entertainment thing..

Then we have the news that your people are demanding an amount of GhC 2m for a work they haven’t done.
A blogger of your calibre shouldn’t have called for this, you have incited a whole tribe against an individual who has not done anything harmful.
You are an entertainment blogger so I expect you to know better than descending so low. Do you know you could have pushed your people to project their culture to the international front from this hype? But you were interested in the negative vibes. You could have made them feel better with this than making them feel worse. You could have changed their cultural level through this pro-bono hype.

You were quick to frame the line to make it look bad. Today I don’t know how your conscience is judging you but you feel it. You treated your people ‘blindly’ just to get traffic on your blog but majority of them fell to your trick. You played politics with them just to get your benefit.

I hope you know we can also sue you for twisting our lyrics to attack our brand? I hope you are also ready to meet us in court? Instead of to use your new platform Citifm to promote the works of the youths in Ghana see what you are doing.

We are ready to petition the management of CitiFm, if they will allow you to mess up with their hard earned image in the media fraternity. For now we don’t have anything to do with anything related to citifm.

There is a saying in the entertainment industry that, the media like negative news and the media like propagating false news, you have live to proved that saying. I’m yet to see any campaign from you that’s aimed at promoting an Artiste in any of your write-ups..

I’m yet to read any thing from you against the numerous social vices in your area, I’m yet to read anything against the galamsey activities in your area or you haven’t seen them?? I’m yet to read anything against the myth around you or you only wanted to ride on it for commercial gains?

Interestingly, you have been using abusive words against some of us who don’t agree with you several times, see how a blogger got angry with us but expects the fans of the Artiste to keep quiet.. Amazing.

You are always looking for negative news to feed on, if I were you I would have used my new platform citifm to promote Artiste in my area and Ghana as whole rather than feeding on their negative vibes.

Funny, because you have ‘manifestive grammar’ you think you are always right. Intelligent isn’t about English, it’s just language, u should understand that aspect of life.. You can try and kill the big fish in the game but you won’t succeed, people are always interested in bringing people down rather than focusing on their own dreams kn life, I’m yet to see you trying on Shatta Wale.

You are only portraying moral corruption and hypocrisy.

Ghc 2m demand ?

Did they say that they want that amount?? Is it because we say money no be problem?

Is sark the originator of the myth? Any you want this money?

When I was In Shs, we were thought that ‘Money’ is a legal tender not an illegal tender so how do you want to get this money illegally??

Someone asked ‘will the money take away the myth?
Will they use it to campaign against that?
Will the money now equate their integrity?
Would the money be distributed to all the ladies there?

It’s funny, how people are getting this matter for their selfish interest, or is it because it’s sarkodie?

If we don’t pay, you will take the matter to court, we prefer it that way, it’s better to take it to court. When you get to court it’s about evidence not your emotions and sentiments.

I’m not a legal mogul but I know that we have ‘burden of proof’ in any case u put it up, do you have that?

Why have you singled out a line out of the whole lyrics? Did u your hear the praising part?

Anyway, are your people called Jennifer Lomotey??
Do you know Jennifer Lomotey? Take it to court, we will come with Jennifer Lomotey and she will tell you she ain’t offended.

Jennifer Lomotey herself is not suing anyone for defamation but why are u worrying yourself?

Do you have a written copy of the lyrics of what sark wrote??

If you have a copy did you see ‘Krobo gal’ or ‘Crobor gal’? Why are u assuming for him?

Why are you offended? Did he say all ‘ Crobor gals’ or a single lady?

Will anyone attributes that myth to sark?

In academia and law we have what’s we called referencing, didn’t sark reference the originator? Komfo Anokye?

So if you work, can’t I use it and reference you?

Don’t you think the family of Komfo Anokye would have sued sark if he had not referenced Komfo Anokye, go and Sue Komfo Anokye.

Take this, go and listen to the song again, there is no where in the song where sark mentioned his own name, so why are u assuming it’s sarkodie??

Is it because of the voice..? If you answer these, you can then go to court. Obidi pon bidi ain’t a registered name.

I’m not a lawyer, but no law supersedes common sense.

Michael Gyan asked ‘”Let ask oooo what is the title of the song “Jennifer Lomotey ” which is a name of one person.
Not a group of people …

And listening to the song all what I hear both musicians talk abt is about one person …so what is the point here ??

Aside the fact that sarkodie used those words in the song , in real life Sarkodie is married to a Krobo woman has every right to talk abt his woman in a song …

And in this case he was praising the woman so what is the sue about ??
I also heard they say he is making commercial gains from the song …

So I ask , how ??

Is the song centered on the myth ???
Is the myth the title of the song ??
Is the myth the chorus of the song ??
In promoting the song has Sarkodie or Kurls used the myth in promoting the song in anyway ???

Will somebody buy the song because its about a myth? ”

I don’t need ‘rocket science’ of Manasseh Azure or a ‘counter response ‘ of Nana Kwame to tell me this your case is dead on arrival

You better channel your energy into something beneficial to the society, let’s promote the good things we have as a nation.

If sark even decides to pay we the fans won’t allow him to pay, not even Ghc 50, if you think you can make money through this then you lie. Pull him syndrome…

God bless the generation, God bless our hustles, there are obstacles in life, let get over them..

You are whom you think, think negative you will be negative always, fill yourself with positive vibes.. You will make it in life.

When Sark and the rest are busy wooing corporate bodies to invest In the industry see what people like you are doing, don’t you think you will push them out? It’s not always that you have to focus on the negatives

Thank you…..

Assiamah Frank