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Sarkodie To Close Down Sark Collections Because Of Low Patronage



One of Ghana’s outstanding rappers who has really made it in the industry.
Somewhere in 2013, he ventured into fashion where he partnered with Yas to launch Sark Collection , a clothing line which sought to sell hip hop gears ranging from caps, belts, boxers, briefs, underwear, T-shirts, Jeans etc. with the logo Sarks embossed on it.

He started promoting it by wearing it himself wherever he went and this saw many other celebrities wearing it in their videos with the hope that it will influence his fans to patronise it.
But unfortunately, the flagship boutique located at Dzorwulu is said to be closing down due to poor sales. Due to this, they are now running mega sales slashing the prices down to 50-90{c151fd8a147ddff852f5795900bc3f49fb6f3f3def38a8fe7b2489f983e107b3} on a stock to clear the things off the shelves.

There are currently big sales advertising on the shop about the clearance sales.

So if you looking to have yourself some Sark Collection, this is the time to run to the shop but note that even with the reduced sales, a cap now costs ¢90.00 from the initial price of ¢180