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It was recently on the news that the SDA College of Education known as SEDACOE banned Muslim worship which the school’s authority denied the allegation.
However, Sunday worshippers were also banned from worshipping on campus are yet to be allowed for worshiping after the Muslim’s incident was reported.

There has been another inter conflict between the Adventists and the non Adventists after A non Adventists SRC presidential candidate was disqualified for being a non Adventist.

On 20th of this month, the Electoral Commission of the College announced for the qualification of the 2017 College election which being an Adventist wasn’t a requirement.
It was opened for all Students of the institution to contest once they have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and good records of conducts.

However, during the vetting process on Monday 26, the Adventist tutors disqualified one SRC presidential candidate who is a non Adventist student.

It is alleged that the students body is planning to demonstrate against the school’s authority for treating their candidate in an abusive manner.

Being an Adventist was not part of the requirement but the non Adventists tutors attempted to deny the non Adventist candidate with a reason that the school was established by the Adventist Church.

A question to the public is that, is the College managed by the government or the adventist Church? Are the tutors paid by the Adventist Church or the government?
If all the above are done by the church, then may it be so. But if its the other way around, then the government and the public should interfere in.
There is a great segregation between Adventist and non Adventists tutors and this has passed down to the students. Tutors are not united neither are students.

Non Adventists are made to participate in all SDA church activities on campus including those that have nothing to do with the students.
Non adventists offering are accepted in the Church but they are seen as sinners!
They are denied of many privileges which a student has to enjoy.

The school’s election was supposed to come off tomorrow June 29. But the students body are not aware whether the the election will come off or not.

It is reported that one certain Social studies tutor, who is an Adventist is the main antagonist of the idea that the non Adventist student should be disqualified.

I wonder what he tutors students as a social studies tutor.

The Senior Hall Warden today also has announced that the election is postponed so the contestants should go for their money.
The students also express fear that the school’s authority will use ways and means to disqualify the non Adventist candidate who is the people’s choice and also a student of the College

Meanwhile, the College hasn’t mentioned why the election is cancelled.

Students have raised concern that the non Adventist candidate should be refunded for all the cost of his campaigning not only for the purchasing of the forms.

Therefore,the students are calling on the Education body to interfere.