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URGENT: Kwesi Dawood, Ahwoi’s Causing Confusion In Central Cegion



Greetings great NDC comrades in the Central Region. We the youth of Central Region have come to the realization that in keeping quite, our seniors esp Regional Executives are taking us for granted.

We cannot understand why the Region can organise a meeting in a sitting MP’S constituency without informing her but will invite her former contestant to attend nd deliver speeches that will cause disaffection for her.why will the Regional communication Director- Kwasi Dawood conspire with the daughter of Afua Ahwoi (Mrs Afua Bram- Larbi) former aspirant in the 2015 primaries in the Agona East constituency -to insult , downgrade and torture the efforts of the sitting MP, when she also has children and can ask them also to misbehave.

Send RP 1701 To 0544867679(WhatsApp only) and follow the response to vote for

We realise this Region do not appreciate that we have disappointed the party as a whole and needs to put our acts together quick. We have two request of which if not met ALL the Regional executives will face the youth in Central Reg in soo many ways. This has to do with all Regional exec from Chairman Allotey to the last executive.

1) We the youth are asking that you invite both Kwasi Dawood and Awurabena Bramlarbie immediately and call them to order -for your info we are going to protect these four (4) seats jealously as long as the sitting MP’s wants to context because as Mr Ato Cobinnah wrote – it is True that their personalities won us the seats and NOT NDC party.

2) We the youth want to know the strategy the Regional Executives are putting in place especially for the Region to win more seats coming 2020 and for we the youth who have all been sacked or transferred because of this our beloved party, we are the future leaders and we promise you we won’t allow you to make us loose the four seats we have – God forbid ,we will protect it and add more .

Chairman and his executives, we are giving you exactly one week to have a comprehensive response from you whiles we are also preparing for plan’ B’ incase you fail to respond.
Respect to all who wish NDC well.
Long live Central Region NDC.
Long live NDC.