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I Regret Working With Kesse On My “Do Me” Song -Ekow Marvel



Highlife sensation Ransford Ekow Anamoah aka Ekow Marvel has stated, he wish he hadn’t work with Kesse on his Dɔ Me song.

When asked to explain the reason for his statement on E-chat with Dennis Gameplay which aired on Cape FM last Saturday night, he declined. However, when probed further, he revealed his disappointment with Kesse’s attitude towards the promotion of the song.

“ I wish I never worked on that song with him (Kesse). You see, we are in this together. I do a song with you, you share, I share (on social media). I’m like that. Even songs which are not mine I do share, yesterday for instance I shared people’s songs on my social media. You see, you do unto others what you want others to do unto you. We are in this highlife thing together and we record a song and you don’t even want to share the link on your social media, what kind of life be that? “

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He further said “ We two had signed contracts and there was some level of commitment he (Kesse) had to fulfill but didn’t. I really feel bad about that. I did my part because I know this thing is business and in one way or the other, he’s above me but the love should be deep. There shouldn’t be any strings attached. “

The Bosoe singer made some more revelations on the Dɔ Me song. He said the song was originally meant to feature Kwabena Kwabena but because of the later’s busy schedule a colleague artiste Koby Symple linked him (Ekow Marvel) to Kesse and that’s a more reason why it had to be Kesse’s voice on the song.

Ekow Marvel’s new song Bosoe was released on the 16th of June 2017. He said it was inspired by his bitter experiences of life.” …through it all I learnt how to smile and be happy so the history of this song is related to me in an emotional way“

The song is gradually gaining attention of most highlife lovers.



Story by:Dennis Gameplay/Criticalnews Ghana