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Paa Kwasi To Reveal What Really Caused Dobble’s Break-Up On New Song “Group Crisis”



So many things can go wrong in a very vibrant music group. Egos can spiral out of control, personalities can clash on a particular lady , drugs and alcohol can be abused, sexual intrigue can ensue,and almighty money sharing issues can wreak havoc. There could even be skill envy since fans will prefer one personality to the other.

In Ghana here, groups like Irene and Jane, Echo, Wutah, Klala,VIP,Akyeame, Dobble and many more have broken up in the past though not with any quantifiable reasons.

Ghanaians have been saddened and have even wondered why amicable terms could not be reached by the individuals involved to avoid the breakups. Are you one of such worried people ? Do you want to know why most music groups breaks up ? Do you wish to know why most groups dies off ? Finally, do you want to know why Multi-Talented music duo Dobble broke up ? I know you will probably say “Yess”.


Dobble, made up of Enn Wai and Paa Kwesi broke up last year after six years of doing music,even though rumor has it business perspective contributed to the ‘death’ of the duo,Paa Kwasi a former member of the group is ready to explain to Ghanaians on what led to the death of music group Dobble on a song tittled “Group Crisis”.

Keep your eyes on to be the first person to hear this song “Group Crisis” produced by A.T.O . Meanwhile, Paa Kwasi’s new song “B3 warm me” is making waves as we are in a raining season.