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Citizens Of Mile50 Osabene Electoral Area Embarked On Communal Labour



The people of Adweso/Mile 50 in the New Juabeng electoral area-Koforidua have embarked on a communal labour to improve their living conditions.

The Assembly man Mr Ebenezer Opare who led the citizens of Mile50 – osabene electoral area urged the people to take environmental cleanliness seriously in order to prevent the outbreak of diseases.

Mr Ebenezer Opare also advised Ghanaian communities to embark on frequent communal labour in order to help prevent disasters or minimize their occurrence in the society

“Government had spent thousands of cedis on relief items to support disaster victims and cleaning of the environs in the various communities and that monies could have been channelled into other areas of development therefore,we have to help the government of Ghana by keeping our environmentsclean”-Mr Ebenezer Opare(The Assembly man)

He again urged citizens to contribute their quota towards the successful implementation of government policies and programmes in order to avoid the government wasting money on other resources.

Mr Ebenezer Opare also stressed the importance of everybody showing interest in making the environment clean.

Lastly,he called on sanitation officers to provide his community with dust bins.He again said,his community is in need of street lights therefore calling on the government to help them.