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Constitute Community Sanitation Police In Communities, And Filth Will Be Thing Of Past



Drink Safe Water Ambassador’s coordinator, Mr. Krobea Asante has asked the constitution of community sanitation police or securities in all 216 districts of the country.

This according to him will help bring sanity within communities and reduce water – borne and air – borne related diseases at a close discussion this morning with the DSW advocacy group.

Mr. Krobea Asante said that, failing to address sanitation challenges will in effect put a nations quest for development in a relegated booth.

A member of the group, Mr. Amui Teye in a remark added that, Ghanaians today have wrongfully accepted the norm dumping plastics and waste in drainage systems and this adversely affects human and animal health.

He was quick to add that, effects of our inconsiderate actions is cause of many diseases and encouraged that we create avenue for ourselves and others to stay disease free.

A local government expert and a water safety advocate, Mr. Issaka Amon Kotei in a statement has questioned the existence of District Waste Directors in the various districts and municipalities saying that, they are responsible to maintain sanitation discipline in localities.

Mrs. Hilda Huaji, an Agric Extension Officer who doubles as the National Women’s Head of Water Ambassadors appealed for a proper function of market queen and chiefs through empowerment and support by provision of tools and resources for sanitation management.

This to her, was keen in the realisation of a healthy people for development and progress in Communities.

“The Group has identified problems on our water bodies and banks and will therefore liaise with Assembly members, opinion leaders and the Chief Executives to find
Solutions to the problems” he added.

He urged newly confirmed Drink Safe Water Ambassadors to actively participate in discussions on water within their immediate communities, and called on Mr. Ebenezer Tetteh Kupualor, new Chief Executive of Yilo Krobo Municipality and Mr. Simon Tetteh, MCE for Lower Manya to work on filth within their jurisdictions citing Klo – Agogo market and Agomenya Market filth as typical areas engulfed by filth.

This is recipe for disaster, and a concerned group like DSW needs the support of local government to maintain and address the sanitation challenges in the districts and municipalities.

In a development, Mr. Krobea Asante reiterated that despite the challenges DSW Ambassadors face in the fight against water pollution, and indiscriminate waste disposal, group has been successful in extending campaign to students of Kpong Community Vocational School and to more than a thousand market women in the Klo – Agogo market located within the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern region.

He encouraged that, the local government ministry give attention to this call of “Clean Police” to help save lives and the eco systems.

“Arrest and prosecute sanitation laws defaulters and consciousness will be order of the day” Mr. Krobea Asante said.

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