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Convenor of drink safe water, dsw Mr. Krobea Asante Tofepa Ntomentwene and his advocacy group has registered its commitment and support for red Friday aimed at discouraging activities of illegal mining in the country.

Ghana and its media some months ago embarked on a fight to save lands, water sources, wildlife and other ecosystems.

This fight has been led by Mr. Kenneth Ashigbey, managing director of graphics communication group and has received the support of many organisations including drink safe water advocacy group.

Mr. Krobea Asante told News file’s host George Asekere yesterday that, drink safe water ambassadors has joined the stop galamsey fight due to the enormous associated problems it puts on the citizens.

He reiterated that cholera, dysentery, malaria can be avoided if we can maintain sanitation in our environments.

He expressed worry, how the influx of illegal mining activities has affected the people.

“Farming lands are no longer supporting agricultural activities, water bodies and wildlife, many species in the animal kingdom today can’t be traced since our activities tend against them and kill them, he said.

Mr. Krobea bemoaned that, the country can’t afford clean and safe water to over 7 million Ghanaians, yet we indulge in such acts as galamsey and injure the veins to sustainable development.

“We must realise the interdependence of our ecosystems, and take actions that will help bring about economic, social development and environmental protection”, he added.

In a development, he maintained that the media deserved credence for their massive support and pleaded that sustainable development goals SDG’s and its 17 goals never seen as items on a check list but a holistic approach to tackling today’s economic, social and other challenges.

He reiterated that asking the right questions at the right time, was just more than important to fuel a nations quest for poverty alleviation, illiteracy, inequality and disparities in inclusion.

Galamsey menace and problems is for all, and affects all institutions and structures that holds the very foundations of development through partnerships and peace.

“If we fail to understand the equation of interdependence of lands, water and vegetation for sustainable actions, we will regret every unconsidered action today and this is why DSW can’t hold back to Fridays cladding in red to show a full support.

The Convenor said, even though progress has far been made in the fight against galamsey, water pollution was also on the ascendency as indiscriminate plastic waste disposal and open defecation has been the order of the day.

“We speak water and are poised to save water bodies so long as it continues to be the catalyst for development of all sectors including agriculture, education, health and peace” Mr. Krobea ended by urging safe water Ambassadors to continue with their messages on water sanitation and health, WASH in churches, markets, schools and communities.