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Zylofon Media To Sign Nero X ?



A screenshot acquired by Kwao Lezzes-Tyt from Facebook shows Nero X is been followed by Samuel Atuobi Baah.

Mr Samuel Atuobi Baah popularly known in the entertainment industry as Sammy Flex has been a very influential instrument when it comes to signing artiste unto Zylofon Media.

We are hoping his recent “stalking” will yield what we are looking forward for.
Been observing with keen interest how Zylofon media is gradually becoming the power house for entertainment in Ghana.
The beautiful blend of top notch stars (Stonebwoy/Becca/Joyce Blessing) and promising new acts (Kumi guitar/Obinini) has set the stage for greater things in the music industry.Zylofon Media also signed 5 movie stars as Ambassadors.

Zylofon Media needs the unflinching support of all players in the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry lacks the financial muscle to produce quality movies/music that can compete on any international platform. Zylofon has taken the “bull by the balls” by investing strategically in entertainment.

Ghana needs Zylofon, its in the interest of all stakeholders that Zylofon Media succeed to set a new standard for other organisations to emulate.
All I can say is let’s pray for Zylofon Media.