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Dr. Maurice Ampaw Must Go Back To The Law School-Wanlov De Kubolor



Musician Wanlov Kublolor ,has said that Dr. Maurice Ampaw must go back to the law school to learn the law properly. He said this in an interview with me yesterday on the Red Carpet Show.

Dr. Maurice Ampaw, said in an interview on the same show said he was going to petition the IGP about the issue of the perceived selective justice meted out to some culprits of indecent exposure on social Media, and in public, namely Musician Wisa and lately Jigwe Award Winner, Rashida Black Beauty.

He said since Wisa is in court and Rashida has been invited by the Berekum Police it appropriate for other like Wanlov De Kublolor ,Christabelle Ekeh,Mensah,Tiffiny and others to also be arrested for questioning and possible prosecution irrespective of whether the indecent exposure was leaked by someone or not.

Wanlov Kubolor said he took those pictures privately and if it got leaked by someone, why should he be held responsible ?

Dr. Ampaw on the issue of the obscenity being leaked someone said, that wouldn’t be an excuse since it was a crime to even snap and keep your naked picture or a video of yourself in a sexual encounter .He argued that it was tantamount to shooting of pornography, which is against the laws of Ghana.

Wanlov who disbelieved what the lawyer said, just let it out.. He needs to go back to the Law School to learn properly.