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Guru Buys New VW Beetle Car For His Manager Ray Moni



After buying a 125k dollar G-wagon AMG car for himself that sparked huge controversies in the showbiz fraternity,Hiplife/Hiphop music super star;Guru has yet again hushed those who claim there is no money in the Ghanaian showbiz industry by buying a VW Beetle convertible car for his manager Ray Moni.

Over the past two years,Guru has had a delectable working relationship with his manager; Ray Moni and buying him the Yellow colored convertible VW Beetle car is to show his appreciation to the latter for being faithful to him.
Ray Moni, who confirmed the news to was seen embarking on a test drive whiles enjoying Guru’s yet to be released song ‘Problem’ in the Car.

Though he hesitated to reveal the price of the car, if ’s checks with regards to the price of VW Beetle convertible cars are correct, then it shouldn’t cost anything less than 55k dollars.

Born Maradona Yeboah -Agyei,Guru,who is also the CEO of NKZ Music is set to release his newest hit song‘Problem’ on Tuesday 1st August,2017.

“Problem”, will then be the second song from the azonto revolution frontrunner within two months after releasing his current hit song ‘Kokompe’