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Who Has Genuine following? Stonebwoy Or Shatta Wale?



On facebook STONEBWOY has 1,000,000+ followers and sponsors his page whiles Shatta Wale has just 400,000+ followers but does not sponsor his page. On the following days in JULY 2017, Both Stonebwoy and shatta wale posted videos on their timeline and these are the highest views they got from each video;

Note: Some days had more than one video posted. Only the highest viewed video was picked.

Date     Stonebowy       Shatta
26/7/17.    16K.                   48K 

25/7/17.     14K.                  35K

23/7/17.     26K.                  54K

22/7/17.     20K.                  54K

20/7/17.     31K.                  72K

18/7/17.     18K.                 163K

16/7/17.     12K.                 18K

15/7/17.     29K.                 25K

12/7/17.     13K.                 32K

10/7/17.    42K.                 154K

8/7/17.       32K.                 202K
_____                _____
TOTAL      253K.                857K
_____                _____

So now the question is;
1. Are Stonebwoy’s following on Facebook real???

2. Who has genuine following?? Stonebwoy or Shatta?

3. Whose timeline is the most viewed ??? Stonebwoy or Shatta??

4. Has Stonebwoy bought ghost followers on facebook?? Yes or No??