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Christians who have known Christ for a while sometimes struggle with their testimony. “My story is boring.” “I got saved so long ago; I can’t even remember it all.” I was saved at age ten, it wasn’t very interesting.” But the story we have to share is the story of an Evangelist who has experience in the darker world.

Information gathered by flex newspaper is that, Evangelist Zigah the former head of a secret society has now repented and doing gospel music.

During the interview with flex newspaper, Michael Kwesi Zigah said “I went through a lot of difficulties growing up as a young man and it got to a point I couldn’t bear the pain I was going through.

At age 19, I couldn’t afford to buy even water to drink. Along the line, I met a Nigerian man who decided to help me get out of my poverty situation. The man then invited me to his house. He asked why I was crying the day he saw me. I narrated what happened and he served me with food and drink. He asked if I really wanted to be rich, which I replied yes without hesitation.

We met again to continue our discussion that is when he openly told me that he’s into blood money. He charmed an amount of money he asked me to quote and that got me sick because what I saw was unusual. I had no option than to go to the man and tell him to help me else I will kill myself considering what I was going through. I eventually followed him for the ritual at Benin. He decided to help me through a clandestine means with others who were also desperate to be rich. We traveled from Ghana to Benin to be initiated in the society. We performed certain rituals and we became part of them.

Unfortunately, they all got what they wanted excluding me. I went back to them for the second time before I became a member. I got money but there were a lot of instructions surrounding the richness. The instructions were: I shouldn’t buy a car, house, I shouldn’t take care of my family and the biggest of it all is not Spend more than forty cedis in a day. I shouldn’t eat meat apart from egg and even with that they will provide it. I became very sad because after all these, I couldn’t enjoy myself.

Shockingly all the ladies I made love to died after three days. So within three months, twenty women have died. I had 18 bodyguards and the head of the guards informed me about the dead of the ladies.

I narrated told the elders of the association what I was going through but they made me aware this is just the beginning of what I will be going through. I was told to bring the blood of a pregnant woman. They requested for the blood of a 12years old girl but I told them it is not possible providing that. The head later said I should bring the monthly blood flow of ladies. He made request of a lot of things which I delivered.

I later got married to a white woman who also divorced me.

Most of my guys died and I was promoted to a higher rank in the spirit. I was the head of Swedru, Ashaiman, Winneba, Kumasi, Koforidua and other places in Ghana. When I was promoted, I gained more power to operate. I wanted to be stronger than the spirit I was using initially so I consulted a different association. I was asked to perform certain rites such as: Sleeping with the dead, mad women and others. I got the powers, money but no happiness.

Aside, all the money I had, I could not spend more than 40 cedis a day based on instructions. It was very tough for me. All my guys died in a car accident and I was left alone. I went to U.S.A to spend 6 months 2weeks. I got mad and was brought to Ghana.

I was rescued by a man of God at I.C.G.C named Pastor Osabutey. I got healed but the pastor died a week after. I lost everything and had no help anywhere. The Pastors I thought could help started using my rings and other spiritual things for miracles. My life became miserable.

Since I couldn’t stand, I joined the group again for the second time. With this time around, I killed people like fowl. I did a lot of harm to People but in due course Christ appeared to me early morning in my room. The appearance of Christ saved me. The things I was doing with Pastors made me lose trust in them because there are a lot of famous Pastors who were part of us. So I didn’t trust anyone. God ask me to deny everything I had and follow him.

So, in 2012 to 2013 I dashed my cars, houses and everything to people to do what God has asked me to do. Though I am still struggling, this is how far God has brought me.

I decided to put my story in a song titled ‘My Testimony’ which I featured Brother Sammy.

Dan Lartey