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Up Coming Artistes Only




Music duo,U2JAY have expressed disappointment at the way some industry players and some Dj’s are not ready to support upcoming artistes even when they have compelling musical works.

The music duo in an exclusive interview with bemoaned the manner in which some non- potential songs released by some big artistes are given attention at the expense of some better quality songs of some upcoming artistes.

“Not all songs dropped by big acts are potential hits or good songs, yet such songs get industry support. So why aren’t some upcoming artistes who put in their sweat to record very good songs not receiving the necessary support? Why will we support good songs of even big acts from Nigeria and not support our very own upcoming artistes who have very good songs to also grow and take over from the big acts who will one day also fade out of the system?

“Let’s support the very good upcoming artistes so that they can take over from the big acts one day.”says Music duo U2JAY.

The music duo quickly flipped to also address the attitudes of some upcoming artistes, they said “Some upcoming artistes also don’t take their time to learn the trade. Others also behave as if they have arrived; just after a song then they stop taking advice from their team and the big acts. The eagerness to meet stardom also makes some upcoming artistes fail to pay attention to the practical side of music. The laziness is too much. Let’s learn the career well.

“Music is not just about telling a beat maker to drop a beat for you to record some verses or spit some bars. You need to learn the structure of music too as well as the chord progression and other things. Let’s also proofread our lyrics to be sure they make sense before we hit the studio to record.” U2JAY divulged.

And they finally added “they are not saying they are best but only JAH knows star”.According to the management of U2JAY,the “Z33G3 CREW” (U2JAY) will release their new song “By The Way” very soon.