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One On One Interview With Gospel Musician Obaapa Gyamfua



Henrietta Nkansah known in showbiz as Obaapa Gyamfua is a gospel musician in eastern region.

She recently released her first album “Anointing” which earn her 3 nomination in the ongoing Eastern Music Awards.

She will also be performing at the Eastern Music Awards Nominees Jam on the 26 August 2017 at Jackson Park Koforidua. this weekend had one on one interview with this talented Gospel musician Obaapa Gyamfua. Read the interview below:


A.O: Hi Obaapa how are you doing?

Obaapa:(smile) Am good.

A.O: You seems to have loose your voice.

Obaapa: Hmmmmm. I went to perform at Adom TV live worship.

A.O: How was it?

Obaapa:The performance?

A.O: Yes, tell as about it.

Obaapa: It was nice a really enjoyed myself, you can even tell from my voice.

A.O: Yeah I can feel it, tell us something about your music journey in the, how has it been.

Obaapa: Hmmmmm. Well not bad we are still pushing, but we are not getting help from the presenters and DJ.

A.O: How? Can u tell us more?

Obaapa: Are you not aware?

A.O: Aware for what? Please tell me because I don’t know anything.

Obaapa: Well we pay them but they don’t want to play our music. And anytime you want help they expect something from you.

A.O: Something like?

Obaapa: Money now…(laugh)

A.O: I see, now let’s shift the attention to the Eastern Music Awards, how many nominations?

Obaapa: 3, gospel artiste of the year, gospel music of the year,female vocalist of the year.

A.O: How many are we taking home?

Obaapa:(smile) all, if God permit.

A.O: sure, let me ask you how did you get your lyrics?

Obaapa: At first it come to me as a dream but now God sometimes give me a quotations from the bible to read, and that’s where I get my lyrics from.

A.O: Wow amazing, now let’s talk about your performance on the 26 August 2017, at Jackson park, the nominees jam.

Obaapa: Its going to be something else, through gospel music we will change lives, come and experience the wonders of God’s glory, am inviting everyone, needs to be there.

A.O: I will be there, to support you, how many album do you have so far?

Obaapa: one album so far, and am working on the next one.

A.O: Thank you very much for your time Obaapa Gyamfua.

Obaapa: Thank you very much, send my regard to for me. Thank you

A.O: He will hear, you are always welcome.

Obaapa: And tell the DJ’s and Presenters to play our music.

A.O: I will tell them, they will play. Thank you once again for your time.

Obaapa: Thanks you too.