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How many people who supports every decision of the board, have at least taken time out to post or say (online, On-Air and off air) anything good about the Eastern Music Awards

The least I expect of them is to publicly promote it heavily and intensively

We the so called ‘critiques’, labelled as muddying every good initiative and praying it fails are at least giving opportunity to organisers better platforms to correct or respond to perceived bias and credibility issues and you think this is not healthy.



One thing I’ve learnt about the SWOT analysis is to turn your Threats into Opportunities which emanates from your external or macro environment which you have no direct influence over.

Do we sincerely want to say, these perceived Threats (criticisms) are not presenting any better Opportunities for the awards scheme. Or we just refusing to see anything different than WHO is saying what even if such concerns are genuine. Assuming it’s even borne out of malice, does it present to us an opportunity to address or correct a thought pattern which may not be or represent the awards agenda?

Again, if for nothing at all, it’s giving the event some hype, isn’t it?! The most dangerous people are those who say Yes to everything you do. Be careful because they will as usual say a big Yes to your failure because it’s a Yes you always want to hear

I would like to end with this quote about the Value of Criticism

“All of us by nature easily fall in love with our own ideas, our own words. Excellence is born of intelligent criticism. And maturity is the product of the self-confidence that seeks, accepts and benefits from criticism. To avoid it is a symptom of personal weakness or low ability or both”

Let the music from the East play on!

By : Asi Wome