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Patapaa Did Not Listen To My Advise-Says Atom Reloaded



‘Yewo Krom” hitmaker Atom Reloaded has ‘blamed’ Patapaa Amisty for not listening to his advise.

According to Atom Reloaded, Patapaa wouldn’t have remained underground today if he had listened listen to him.

“I advised Patapaa not to be carried away by his little “One Corner” fame because his song will not last forever. The best option for him is to release another banger but Patapaa did not listen to me”, Atom Reloaded disclosed in an interview with

To Atom Reloaded, after Ye Wo Krom became popular, “i didn’t get too comfortable with just that so I decided to release other songs with other musicians just to be relevant in the industry. Even after all these efforts, not everyone loves my follow up releases like the way they felt attracted to Ye Wo Krom, but I cant complain. I am still doing my best to stay relevant”, he said

Shatta Wale, Ebony and others are still relevant because they were able to release hits after hits and that’s what Ghanaians are expecting from every artiste. I knew it won’t be that easy for Pataapa to release another hit after his “One Corner” song, but that will be the only remedy for Patapaa to stay relevant. Now that he is no more, i will urge him to go behind doors for a comeback hit song