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We don’t worry ourselves over shows; online streaming income is enough for us-R2bees



Unlike other musicians in Ghana, Payde of R2bees has disclosed that rampant online streaming of their songs is the reason why they don’t worry themselves to be on every stage for gigs.

In an interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat, he said,

“Bola, you know something? R2bess, we don’t really care about shows, performance gigs naa, when it comes our way, fine, we would go and play but forcing ourselves to be on every stage is a no-no for us.

He continued,

“We make lots of money from online streams, we have crazy numbers when it comes to online streams, and so we are comfortable with the money that comes from the streaming of our songs on this streaming platforms. To everyone that goes to stream our songs, we are soo grateful. Musicians out there should take streaming very serious.” Paydae said.

When asked by Bola Ray what makes Nigeria musicians to be far ahead of GH musicians, he said,

“Nigeria is huge, but comparism is making Ghanaians feel our musicians are not going anywhere. Take Nigeria out, and you would realise GH musicians are actually putting in the work. Just look at the population of Nigeria- very huge, just look at how Nigerians have been able to spread to other parts of the World.”