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Akyem Abuakwa South, NDC Aspirant Goes Unopposed



Hon Addo Aikins Junior is contesting as an unopposed parliamentary candidate for Abuakwa South constituency

According to Addo Aikins, going unopposed indicates the trust and confidence the NDC party has in his capacities to capture.” My decision to contest to capture the seat from the NPP is to rescue the entire Community of Abuakwa South from the family and friends given jobs administration. He stated

He claimed, the Youth in Abuakwa South are complaining alot ,they feel the Member of parliament is not up to the task,he only shows interest in their well being, only when elections approaches

The whole of Abuakwa south crying for development, whiles the MP is oblivious of what is happening to his people,the people he will call upon to vote for

Hon Samuel Atta Akyea , who has been an MP since 2008 has not done anything substantial for the constituency,it will be hardly to point one developmental project that he has initiated or completed in the constituency

In order to ameliorate his work, the Government introduced the MPs common fund , which was to go along way in helping them in their work, what I don’t know is that who monitors to see how he expend his common fund, besides how does he account to the constituents as to how such amount is used and for what ? Said Hon Addo Aikins

He said, ” it is time to take the family and friends party politics out of infrastructural development policy. It is a matter of principle that we should all be committed to a safer future especially the Youth, therefore I am urging for a conscience vote when I present the constituency on 7th December 2020 as your parliamentary candidate. Now is the time for a rational approach to change

He promised jobs for the youth and urged residents of Akyem Abuakwa South to trust him and former president John Dramani Mahama and his administration to bring rapid development to the nation

Hon Addo Aikins reacting to his endorsement thanked the executives of the National Democratic Congress constituency, Regional and National, delegates as well for their unanimously support for him as their parliamentary candidate

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Hon Addo Aikins




Story by Mr Awal Adam