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Ricqy Ultra X Bmeri Aboki – Be Like Me



Ricqy Ultra and Bmeri Aboki are two heavyweights in the hausa hip-hop landscape. With both artists having a deep passion for the survival of the game, they drop this timely single titled “BE LIKE ME” which tells a story about the humbleness of these dope emcees in the music terrain.

These emcees have endured a torrid time in the game and they now tell a story that will inspire most upcoming artists to keep their dreams alive. “Be Like Me” is a hip-hop song that will resonate your mind and make you ask questions that are well beyond your cognitive imagination.

According to Ricqy Ultra, a lot of upcoming artists always see us as role models and many of them find the game tough to come by. As they are trying to be like us, we on the other hand are working tirelessly to improve on our artistry and see how we push the music industry to the next level (especially in the north). As a matter of fact, patience and perseverance are two ingredients upcoming artists need to survive the difficult music terrain and most of them lack these fundamental skills.

We have the talents in the north and Be Like Me is a song dedicated to those who see us as mentors and those who feel we have done enough to be worthy of respect. As for the pessimists, we literally don’t care. We have a mission and focus and this song is just a tip of the iceberg, says the artists.

Be Like Me was produced by multi-talented producer Simple Touch KefaZz who keeps churning hits with his most successful production that shook the northern entertainment industry “Kuna Ina”.