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Nneka youth foundation reaches out to communities to fight against the Novel Corona virus



As the impact of the deadly COVID-19 creeps across the country with over 2,000 cases recorded in 11 regions, it is of utmost importance that we spread and intensify our outreach especially to the underserved and most vulnerable in our rural communities.

Nneka Youth Foundation Team over the last 4 weeks accelerated efforts to reach out to these communities.

The benevolent foundation continue to educate the general public on all the various precautionary measures and protocols as well helping them to set up hand washing mechanisms (Tippy Taps) and Nose Masks from Handkerchiefs.

The team has so far reached out to 247 households in 19 Communities, 3 Districts with 14 Volunteers over the last 4 week.

With support from individuals and organisations, collectively we will protect lives in rural communities and win this fight against COVID-19