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Rev. Jonathan Ahoto- Gracious Jesus- (Prod. By Assassey Jay)



Rev. Jonathan Ahoto is an Apostolic voice, Pastor, Gospel Artist, songwriter, soul winner and a Counselor by the grace of the Almighty God. He is called as a voice of wisdom, transforming lives by the healing word and birthing an apostolic prophetic generation of believers.

Rev Jonathan Ahoto has released his first single titled Gracious Jesus – (Prod. By Assassey Jay) under the auspices of Soultown Music.

This is a powerful and life changing song filled with the glory and power of God. I was inspired by the word of God after series of fellowshiping and communing with the Holyspirit. The Lord layed it upon my heart to write this song to help us build a better relationship with him. This song has what it takes for one to encounter the Lord. Thus sayest the Lord go back to the basics (the word) and l will lead you. The love of many have grown cold and for that matter many have missed the truth, way and glory of God. Only Jesus can lead you because he is the way the truth and the life. I am called to preach the gospel of our saviour Jesus Christ, to birth holy and spiritual songs from the depth of the spirit of God. It’s all about Jesus. This song is about encountering the Lord and prayer for the deep things of his spirit. This powerful song will enable us to fellowship with God more and more.