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Meet Ghanaian Born Canada Based Gospel Musician Sam Martey



Despite what’s happening in the world, there are constant reminders all around us that all is not lost. In these times that feel unstable and uncertain, what feels better than turning on some good music and finding some hope that will get us through the day? On this note, let me introduce to you Ghanaian born Canada based gospel Musician Sam Martey.

Showing some international love, If you want something fresh from across the pond, let me put you on to gospel Musician Sam Martey.

His songs hits you right in the soul with his cultural awareness and uplifting God.

This gospel heavyweight knows how to move the hearts of people whether they’re religious or not—and he’s been doing it for over 10 years.

Sam Martey has carved a space for himself as one of the most transparent and sought-after songwriters in music right now. And it doesn’t get more transparent and heartfelt than his yet to release song.

Keep reading this space as we keep updating you on gospel Musician Sam Martey.