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Tempo Dance Company from Togo dances to “Cafouillage” by Synthez Tg



Kobiye kan Entertainment releases a nice dance video by Tempo Dance Company, performing “Cafouillage “ by Synthez Tg.

A very colorful video with outstanding dance moves made by the Tempo dance company. Cafouillage is a single off the Jamais 100 Dieu by Synthez Tg featuring Nello Antia & Arikiboy and it’s ready to make waves due to it’s unique vibes and wordplay.

“Cafouillage talks about confusions in our daily lives and this dance video is purposely to emphasize what it was embraced with, especially among our young fans”. — Synthez explains.

The song and dance is obviously a turnup anthem for the streets.

The video was directed by Apotey Sylvain with routine choreography performed by Tempo Dance Company. Watch it below