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I’m Doing Music For Money Not For Fame – LumiDmr



Anything you do in life should be done, if you can, because you are passionate about it, not because you want to get something apart from the joy it gives you. There is nothing wrong to want to become famous, but that should be an ulterior motive.

Afrobeat Musician LumiDmr has disclosed that he is not doing music for fame but rather for money. According to LumiDmr, doing music is an opportunity to make some money along the way to support yourself financially.

“The fame and the money and all that stuff that comes along with it is all great, but that’s not the sole purpose of why I make music, my only motive is to make money so I don’t care about releasing a hit every month or any how but I only release hit song based on market demands with the best strategy of making money from my hit songs gradually to grow wealthy and famous by God’s time.” says LumiDmr.

LumiDmr however said, “To be famous doesn’t depend on you, depends on others, so to seek fame is a risk and you don’t have any control. And being famous must be boring. To don’t have a private life. To not be able to go out without people talking to you in a day you feel bad, no thank you, I prefer to remain anonymous”.

“If fame comes along whiles doing music, okay; if not, okay, I wasn’t looking for it anyway. I don’t want to beg like how other Musicians have being doing when they reach their old ages. I don’t care to release hit songs every month or anyhow but I only release my hit songs based on market demands with the best strategy of making money from my hit songs”

Luminary DMR as he is known on stage is set to release an album (EP) he describes as an inspiration for generations to come. But a new song tagged “Ghetto Break” off his yet to released EP will be release on July 18.