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An emerging name in the world of Hilife: This is Tino Blaq with “Jeje”



Through his refreshing and enlivening musical beats and compositions, rising star Tino Blaq is bringing a new wave in the music industry, especially in the genre of Afrofusion.

Up-and-coming musician Tino Blaq is a singer with a number of releases. His main area of excellence is the genre of Hilife and Afrofusion. He is hoping to put forth his incredible musical skills for the whole world to admire with the release of his new track titled “JeJe” which he collaboratess with another talented rapper, Bronze P from the United States of America. The song will be released in a couple of days as a tribute to surviving the hustle of life.

The budding artist’s real name is Isaac Nyarko. Filled with themes that reflect various elements of Afrofusion, the song “JeJe” is bound to impress music lovers all around the world. It is a fast-breaking song, which celebrates the numerous victories achieved in the struggle for a good life. He has extremely high regard for the life we are living. Tino Blaq is from Accra, which is the same town from where Bronze P hailed from as well. “Life has humbled me and taught me a great deal and made me appreciate this life more” – says Tino Blaq. His main goal with the song is to make people proud of where he came from. The song is his way of giving the hustlers hope, and making the whole world realize what their main source of motivation should be. “Nothing I went through broke me for so long, I always rose above all my challenges.” – Tino Blaq continues.

The song was recorded with the help of REKX BEATZ, a production duo based in the heart of the world, Tema, West Africa. The song was produced by A.Y. BEATZ was mixed and mastered by REKX BEATZ. The main theme of the song is the hardships people have had to face growing up in Accra, including Bronze P and Tino Blaq himself. Despite all these hurdles and obstacles, Tino Blaq has proved to be a bright beacon of light ever since he came into the industry. All his accomplishments and achievements so far have been highlighted in the song through a great play of appreciating words.

Tino Blaq will surely prove to be a breath of fresh air in the Afrofusion genre. He looks forward to growing as an artist by making more powerful music, touring the world, and inspiring others along the way.