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Meet Kofi Lyrics ,One of The Finest Up And Coming Artistes In Ghana



One of the most sought-after artistes in Ghana is Kofi Lyrics. He is a real entertainer who never lets his fans down. He always makes sure that they enjoy every performance he brings to them.

Kofi Lyrics is a businessman as well as a hot cake when it comes to showbiz and entertainment in Ghana.

Kofi Lyrics is well Known for his vocal prowess, stage energy and live performance skill. From all indications we can say he is ready to give top artistes a run for their talents.

Kofi Lyrics has always held a dream of carving a career in music since infancy and has been building up his repertoire of performances ever since he started doing music.

He has always been passionate about music and entertainment in general, grooming and learning his craft as an independent musician. The silky voice singer had love for several genres of music and also looked up to some musicians as mentors adding to his success.

Kofi Lyrics born Abednego Amenyedzi was born on April 29,1995 in Tema C 11