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Meet One of Ghana’s Top Young Entrepreneurs Pokua Sarpong, CEO of Pica Rice Pudding



Madam Celestina Pokua Sarpong, the Chief Executive Officer of Pica Rice Pudding having been adjudged the Youth Choice in Entrepreneurship at the 2021 Ghana Youth Choice Award continues to see her business glitter as one of the top food beverage brands in Ghana.

Pica Rice Pudding which is considered one of the top emerging brands in Ghanaian food delicacies specializes in providing households and companies with readily prepared ‘Rice Water’ with a mixture of milk, sugar and other ingredients in a sterilized can.

The product which is for adults and kids has been FDA approved.its light on the tummy, low in fat,a source of calcium and protein.It’s extremely creamy and takes into consideration the wellness of consumers as well as boosts a healthy living.

According to the budding entrepreneur, the vision to create such a product was borne out of the lack of time by persons who enjoyed the meal and deemed it a great opportunity to serve them with a readily prepared rice pudding meal.

“I developed the concept of this product in order to answer our long fought battle on reasons we don’t take breakfast. Many people are used to being in a hurry for work or school, therefore addressing the challenges of the lack of time to prepare a delicious ‘rice water’ meal.

“I developed the passion for creating products that will solve problems back in Okuapemman Senior High School. With the support from families and friends have been able to bring out this product which meets the standards and tastes the same as our local rice water,” she revealed.

She hopes her story of creating a very successful food brand will go on to motivate and empower the youth in creating business and not solely depend on white collar jobs.

The company established a few months ago won the Emerging Brand of the Year at the 2021 Spotlight Awards Africa as well as the Most Innovative Project at the Ghana Innovations Award 2021.