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I have about 800 unreleased songs– Sarkodie



Ghana’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie has disclosed that he has about 800 unreleased songs.


The “Country Side” hitmaker made the disclosure while speaking on the “The Dryv Show” on YFM with Kojo Manuel.

According to Sarkodie, there was a point in his career where he was really passionate and would record multiple songs.

Sarkodie states that he recorded close to 800 songs, some of them, unfinished, which he has hoarded.


‘‘It was just an era I think I was recording too much and I just felt like I knew myself, if I hoard that music it will never come out like till now,’’ he told Kojo Manuel.

‘‘From that time till now I still have almost like close to 800 songs unreleased, some with one verse, no chorus and others no chorus, some with full songs, so at that time it was just me recording a bunch of songs and I just had to like put them out there because I record a lot, now my pace is a bit slow down but yes, it was just me having a lot of songs and that era was just me trying to put something out,’’ he added.